Monday, May 6, 2019

Randy Seaver's Shared Information Was Well Received.

Saturday afternoon, Randy shared his research strategy with us. It was much the same as what I use.

He shared his Research from start to finish in a very smooth method.  I love the timeline method which is what I call this.  It is not a time line but you have to follow that method to not leave out any unturned rock.

You really have to know a bit about the history, the area, the time frames attitude to know where to look for various tidbits and tiny clues.

He chose an unknown Seaver name and went looking for information about him. He carried us through his method of what he looked for and where and also how.

Family Search and Ancestry was used, Newspapers were used, Obituaries were read, taking tips from all these articles.

This search took him all over the USA almost just not the deep south.

Randy showed digitized records are not always accurate. He looked for family and shared
this research with someone who offered to help. (This is a key for me to share and the more that are looking the sooner one generally resolves that step of research).

He listed 8 tips for resolving your problem when you are mired and can not move forward, or found a new person and need to learn information on that individual. Stating that Repositories can hold many clues when you are researching.

The individual was in many states at various times, married and remarried and kept disappearing on
the families.  It was an interesting event.

His last statement was:" Real Lives Can Be Stranger Than Fiction."

My Tidbit is some times read others trees and see if they have information. If they do, make sure you learn their sources and if true not thought to be true. There are tips almost everywhere.

Thanks Randy Seaver for a great event that was much appreciated.

I also want to say Thanks to you for the set up, being late again.

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