Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Genealogy and Your Time

This is about how you spend your time doing genealogy.    Or how maybe you should
      delve deeper into your needs and wants.

      Somehow there is a mixed message happening.You want more information on your line.
      Where should I look, who can help me. Is it going to be free or cost me.

      Just today I had to say that this is a hobby or life long goal but  you can make it as expensive
      as you want.  Many hundreds of sites on line are free. Many groups are free to help in research.
      Most libraries are free and you can use their computers also for free.

      A tidbit for you if your Grandfather or Father was in WW2 or Korea and the records burned.
      Go to the Resources for their Medical Records a different place and they can give you lots of
      help to fill in the blanks on your time line.

      Are you active with your own society?  That question was brought up several times in Grand
      Rapids by many speakers.  It is the same everywhere if you want help you need to be a part of the
      help.  No, You do not need to be genealogy smart but just willing to help and you will learn at the 
      same time.

      Having learned from some very sharp older members I do not regret the time I spent doing the
      little things.  The Rolodex file drove me nuts but now I wish we had that old Rolodex.  We have
      many newer members since 2000.  We knew each other well with the 1980's to 2000 group.

      Our new members aren't even always sure of other members faces.  We had Jam Sessions and
      discussed each others 5 Generation Chart and the people on it.  As we did research, we may find a 
      tidbit for another member and the same for them for me.

     We seldom had hurried meetings where a persons report wasn't important to all in attendance.

     Do you use We're Related?   It is a new feature and it has helped me to break some brick walls.
     No, many of the suggested people do not match, but then many of the people do match. If we are
     generation off it is an incentive  to find that next generation to see if you do link.  That was what
     our old chats and meetings did for us. Much the same thing.

    No I  do not chase 3 and 4 generations farther back. Nor do I worry a lot about Europe. My
    goal was to get to the water on the other side.  With all the names we have to track we should be
    thankful for the books written and generally only need small corrections.

   Having read some real stimulating information on ancient DNA recently we may have to think
   deeper and work harder to learn whom we really are.

   So get out your New Years Goals we are half way through the year and see if you are on track
   to accomplish your wishes or need to be more active and involved to help move your self forward.

   That was one tidbit I learned from several speakers at Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I learned many

   more.   Have a great life.

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