Thursday, July 5, 2018

7 July Bonita-Sunnyside Library 1 to 4 pm

   Saturday will be presenting data learned at Grand Rapids Seminar.

  At least some of it. Took me  4 days and 1 night to be exposed to what I had time for.

  John Philip Colletta, Phd.,FUGA  started off the Seminar with a terrific talk about the
  ERIE CANAL and the People whom made it happen.
  Having studied the history because an ancestor helped to build it, I learned so much
  more than what I had previously been exposed to. It helped to develop the state into
  what it has developed into today.  It created jobs, of many you wouldn't even think of.
 Jen Baldwin presented a very interesting topic in regards to every human whom lived at
 the time of development of this country.  Ironic we still are plagued by some of it today.
 Her topic was  on, what the people drank to live daily and not die from disease and contaminated
 water. "Yeast, Grain, Hops and Water, the impact of Beer in American History."  Amazing how
 we take so much for granted in how we think they really lived. O yes, we do.
  Excellent talk and I ordered the disc but it has not come in yet.

 Tony Burroughs,FUGA   next did a talk on the War of 1812.  Since we have many researching these records I thought  it would be a great talk to listen to.   It was. He talked about how it affected our genealogy and the records created for us to use in research.  He mentioned the Archives, Libraries,
and Repositories for files created for us to learn more about our ancestors.    I recommend this to you all.   A tidbit, war was not fought then as it is today in many ways especially in camps.

The end of the day I chose to listen to information on Pennsylvania Research.
Being a tad sad because was hoping that more information would surface in the learning of the great state of Pennsylvania.   Not her fault. Having instructed on the Golden Gate Forum for ten years on Pennsylvania Research there was little new information but there was some.  I suspect the
utilization of the Genealogy Society of Pennsylvania is something we should all use  more.
We really need to utilize our societies more in the areas of our research. State and local regions in the state.
The speaker was Kristine Harms.

That ended our first day.  

if time allows we may cover more but suspect that will fill our Saturday afternoon.

Please come in to enjoy, it is free.


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