Sunday, February 4, 2018

Research------ HOW TO START by Susi Pentico

                                            How to Start by Susi  Pentico 2018


 1.    Look around your home for things given or saved.                                 
2.     Catalog what you have saved or were given
 3.    Put names on your Pictures
4.      Keep your data like you do taxes.
5.     Reach out to your living family members
6.     Ask them to share about themselves & their deceased members.
7.     Ask your children what they remember about an event.
8.     Ask your grandchildren the same questions.
9.      Everyone perceives things a wee different. 
10.   Write events you live daily on your calendar, great reference point.
11.   Ask some one to share research with you. (Two heads better than one)
12.   When speaking with elderly, give them food for thought, go back, later to see what the have      remembered. 

1.     Use forms for record keeping, computer and paper to start.
2.     Take a class if given on the methods of research. Both Computer and manual
3.     When one line blocks, it is time for a break.  It is amazing when a break is   given how much you see you missed.
4.     Have a back up device on computer for saving data on system.
5.     Look at the pros and cons of a cloud system for research. Ie My
6.      Use your library,
7.      Chula Vista Library on 4th and F has a Genealogical Section. It has for more than 20 years.
8.     Do as much as you can at home and locally before planning a trip.
Planning a Trip, that was written up nationally some years back ,will be presented soon. It is all still relevant.
9.      Look at the Law Library for land data and clues about information in Wills, Deeds and Probates.
10.  Not all information is on the Internet. Nor will it probably ever be.
               Family Group Sheet
           5 Generation Chart
           Research Log (for person, places and things)
              TimeLine Chart, so vital to keep track of what is missing
               Correspondence log of some sort, to keep up with data ie awaiting Death Certificate, Marriage            Record, Land Deed copies etc.
               Do your DNA. Do family members DNA             
               Medical knowledge for future generations.

8           Join a Society, even if you cannot make the meetings there is much information shared in their            newsletters an workshops and web page, especially areas where you are researching.

               If no Genealogical Society look for a Historical Society

            If all else fails contact the local library in the region of research and Chamber of Commerce.

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