Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lost Ancestors Are You Ready?

Lost Ancestors

by Susi Pentico

28 Feb 2018

Wednesday Noon at the CV Library 4th and F St,  Auditorium 
Susi Pentico is presenting.

Please come and share and learn how we can help each other find our lost ancestors. We have multi speakers and data to share. Also a short business meeting.
Please bring a lost ancestor or two, maybe a laptop or i pad or 5 gen chart with data on the lost ancestor. 
We hope to cover at least 1 each if not 2 each for those in attendance. Refreshments following the meeting.

Taken from Randy's Chula  Vista Genealogy Cafe and sent by self to him for paper.

Susi Pentico will be presenting "LOST ANCESTORS.”  We want to break the ice with society members and to learn more about our fellow researchers.  Who are they researching? Who else has my surname? What area are they researching?  Could we team up at times and gain more knowledge?   The last two Saturday workshops have been leading up to this major event.  It is fun to see the faces go from "You do?" to  "Wow!" 

Come prepared to share information with fellow members and see if we can shake a few more leaves out of the trees.  We will be rotating research areas for this event so plan on bringing at least three surnames, places, and times.   You need to bring a Five Generation Chart, an iPad, computer, or pencil and paper, in order to record your potential successes or followups to be further searched and analyzed.

Susi Jones Pentico was born in Wyoming, raised on a cattle and dairy ranch in Wyoming and California.  She started family research at age 12 with her Mom as a guide (she was Mom's helper writing letters).  Susi has been married almost 59 years, is the mother of five, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of two. Susi was a founding member of CVGS, and loves to share her knowledge and help others.  

A short business meeting will precede the "Lost Ancestors" presentation. The membership will be presented with the Society's Annual Report and Proposed 2018 Budget for approval. 

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