Monday, November 6, 2017

Roots Tech and Other Venues There

Roots Tech and Other Venues There

At first I was excited and happy and was desiring to go to Roots Tech.  Then the brain kicked in and
asked me," what will I learn there that will help me in my research?".

Having attempted to learn more, listened to those who have attended and read articles, the answer to me is still not clear.

Doing research in groups is always helpful because what you miss someone else may pick up or see.

Not getting this being the vibe.

Possibly more about technical new advances on computer software and systems.  ??

Wishing there was a ten point or twenty point synopsis of what it would really help me to move my  genealogy forward.

Sure visiting with acquaintances and sharing stories may help.

Understanding it like sells out each time.

With funds being part of this, what is Roots Tech going to give me for the dollars I spend?

Have not been able to convince others to go with me makes me even more wary.  Is this a
computer tech seminar?

IS there someone out there that can give a good definition of the event?  Yes there are speakers and many or most well known.

I recall an early one and there was lots of information explaining it but it was several years ago.

Will it give me more data on information in various states?  Will it help me to master some of my non known computer skills?

Please share with us so we all can grasp this topic better and yes we know Randy is going again.
Randy is very computer sharp so maybe that is why it is key for him.  Yes he also shares his knowledge with us. But the answers many of  us seek are not there.

Guessing that when life and death become a very constant reminder of our time spent here we, some of us, get more careful in what we decide to do.

I think I want to go but I need to know why and what I can gain from it. Is that so bad.

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