Sunday, November 12, 2017

Amazing Finds, Takes Time

  I am sure many of you have Genealogy, in various folders and binders and sleeves.

 How often do you go back over these various files to see what you may have finally uncovered?

 This weekend has proved profitable for me in my finds.

 Alas can not locate box for nephew but I will as I dig deeper and clear out more data.  I had it in hand  just a few weeks ago.

 Having located a box from Mom's I had yet to open, yesk yet another one from five years ago.  Found newspaper clippings, a complete set of pictures from our trip to McPherson, Kansas to the MYER"s Reunion,  tape of my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and other things. Some of these items I suspect should have been shared with others in other places. So setting them aside like the items for my nephew to contact them to see if they would like to have them.

The Hoffman Huffman Book for Research was located and it has much data that I can use since my system crashed a couple of years ago.  Located Duvall data, Foulk data and more Warden information to catalog.

Found a letter from Don Jones from Sacramento, now dcd.   Hoping to locate a phone number for our Gritzner kin in Iowa.  Yes they are Jones descendants.

So maybe go through older files and binders and see what you have forgotten and left behind.

Have fun looking and cataloging the found data.

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