Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Looking in Virginia ? ? ?

Today I received more great information from a site that I have rejoined.  I talked about this site on Saturday  to the Workshop class.   You do not need to join to see what they offer but you can read the actual data as a paid member.  I truly recommend this site to all Virginia researches and they cover other states also.

Saturday we had many talk about not finding people, then learning that New Jersey was part of New York, Maine was part of Massachussetts, etc.

The same applies to counties with in our states.  After all past family members said that there parent was born in 5 different places by their 7 children.  As I started digging I am told that the boundaries areas were liquid.  This information came from several Town Historians in New York.

So you may say New York but it could be MASS that day.  You may say VT and it could be NY that day.  Was either child wrong, possibly not or maybe so.

Chuckling because my parents bought land that had a bit of moving boundary also in modern times.
I told Dad it was a family trait to buy where boundaries were not stable.  It happened in many counties in many states as they migrated across the Eastern area to the Mid West.

So I would love for you all to really look into the blog site and what they offer.

This article talks about Virginia and North Carolina border change.

So check out the various blogs about the various counties and states that they have and present to us to look for information.  If you find enough leads you may consider it worth the nee fee method that they are using.  But places and names, Wills etc are free to check for names so check it out.

Tells a bit about what they hold for research.

Virginia Genealogies and Databases : 300+ Traced families
Images of Wills, Estates, Marriages, Bibles, Emigrants and Origins of First Settlers, Special Collections

Other States that they host are: Georgia Pioneers, Kentucky Pioneers, North Carolina Pioneers, South Carolina Pioneers, Southeastern Genealogy and other data. 

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