Saturday, April 15, 2017

Are You Following ????????

I know  I give great tips of great researchers on this blog.  I nearly never hear that you have found it a benefit.

So are you following some of the hundreds of bloggers out there?  No I do not follow most of them but I do sneak a peak ever so often to see what they are saying.

Here is one that I have followed and person I have known for some years.  Chuckling when in Michigan we are less than 40 miles a part but she was always off to Roanoke Island.

She recently let me share her DNA blog with you in it's fullness.
Here is her new one for you to click on and or copy paste to your browser and read and join.

Roberta Estes thanks for all you do.

If you want variety you may want to at least read this one ever so often.

This is Thomas MacEntee's blog or one of them.
He welcomes new bloggers and gives tips and hints for all regarding genealogical events. He is a speaker all over the USA. Lives somewhere in or near Chicago.  Yes, I know him and enjoy his passion for genealogy.

Now you should be aware of this one, he is a member of our society.  Randy Seaver.
He covers multi topics and shares data for you to see.

A new found friend and acquaintance. James Tanner and he will be in California soon.

This is my favorite site since was so destroyed. Sadly it costs but it covers several states for one fee.  I preferred it when it was single state but data is there.  

Will get you to the site and much is free to read and entice you to join. The names of people in Wills, and other records  you can see. To read the data you must join.
Click on the link above and you will see what I mean.

It also covers: Georgia Pioneers, Kentucky Pioneers, North Carolina Pioneers, South Carolina Pioneers, Southeastern Genealogy, Virginia Pioneers, Genealogy-Books, and GA Grades.

Check what they give you free so you can find out if they have what you may need.

I still use when data is available, loved  We put lots of work into those states for everyone to share and it was always to be free. is a great site also

Many bloggers are doing surnames and places and you can get data and learn a lot by scanning blogs in the area you are researching.

History Blogs are vital to our research and you should follow one or two in the region you are doing your research in.  National Archives and State Archives have blogs filled with data.
Libraries have blogs and filled with data also.

Do not forget various genealogical or historical societies share information also.

Paid sites.
If you belong to they have sources. has sources.
has data.

I have three other blogs and enjoy a chat room on  I did classes there long ago and may go back to it when all of family is well.

Nothing like being at home and sharing information and knowledge and not have to spend time and gas to get there.

Please find a blog or two let me know what you have learned.

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