Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tidbits of Information to Share

 A Group of tidbits to share with you all.

Some are more helpful for some than others.

Have you ever followed or read " Family Folklore Blog"?
I loved the title of:" A Timeline Guides Research Questions by Sue Adams.

Might help you with timeline questions.

Here is another one you should take a look at. by Roberta Estes.

 Data about migration (From Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas to Texas.)
by Gary Pinkerton.

The above may really help those who are lost in between states.

DPLA and Library of Congress  collaboration.

This is one of my favorites to learn and share.  It carries Surnames, a chat area and I have found data I have looked for for years by sharing with others on this site.

You can have a blog page,  surnames, chat etc.  Gina Ortega is associated with this site amongst others.

More next time.

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