Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Up Dates and Changes.....No class LG tonight. BUT...

 Up Dates and Changes.....No class LG tonight.  BUT...

 I wanted to share.  I will send anyone the presentation for tonight that asks for it.
 We are talking about Holiday Letters and Why They Are Important.

 They catalog your year for you and your family and friends. Sharing this with family and friends
 preserves much for your future and your future families.

 Also wanted to say Judy The Legal Genealogist, had an excellent post all should read.

The Legal Genealogist: Those who served in the CCC

Also if you are sharing an article next week at our monthly meeting Jane Strawn and crew need to know for cataloging and getting pictures ready for presentation.    Bring an Antique, Special Item, to meeting sharing the background with the group.   Also sign up at our web page under events.

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