Thursday, November 24, 2016

Did you share, record or write about this day for prosperity?

The day is done, gone is the sun.
 The dark has fallen, the night is calling.

Did you share after dinner, an heirloom that the family should know something about in case your taken away?   They won't keep it if they have no story to know why you even still have it.

Did you take the time to remember past family members and what their Thanksgiving Day may have been like with family?

Be aware, Christmas is coming and maybe you will remember to share some of this with family at that time. Even watching American Pickers, you learn if the seller has a story with the item it generally will generate more interest than a non knowing piece of history.

You may want to capture some of your thoughts on the day to save for the toddlers that ran around today that will not remember you when you are gone. The more sharing, the more caring and remembering tidbits here and there.

Amazing to learn it was 42 degrees coming in from our oldest son's home at 10 pm.

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