Saturday, August 27, 2016

Who Do You Follow? Are You Aware of the Information Posted?

Who Do You Follow?  Are you aware of the information posted?

This evening I am going to comment on the needs of researchers to follow certain peoples, if they
really want to learn lots of information.

Like, what to look for, why look using that method?  What is the difference, why is it important?

About a year or so ago Randy Seaver put me onto following or communicating with James Tanner and reading his blog comments.   I have been reminded of many things, I had learned and basically forgotten.  Probably set aside and not thought of in so long, when in need, it was not mentally handy.

Today I was reading Mr. Tanner's blog and it brought again the reason we need to do research in so  many different ways.  The same document, not something different.

So hop over to this blog and read this post. If you want an eye opener for what you may miss being to conventional.

or try this:

 I hope you consider following him and his comments can help you as much as it has helped me to remember things I set aside and had forgotten.

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