Saturday, August 20, 2016

UP DATING--- LIz will be presenting in September Great Session though.

Family emergency arose and she did not get to do presentation.

But we had 6 people and  2 guests at the event.

 I presented what I am calling a Descendant chart / Family Group Sheet  ( it's real term.)

Many of us older generation now have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and attempting to keep track of who's child belongs to whom can be a bit stressful.

Especially when family continues to carry the same name forward that was used in the past.

Example was  used: hubby wanted a Jr. , we already had two Fred first names in family, the baby would have been three. I reversed his name because that is what we would have been calling him anyway with two other Fred's near.

So use a Group sheet for each child you have which you should be doing any way. Color each child a different color.  Then fill out group sheets for each of their children and their  spouses.  Then again do the same for the do same for the next down line generation.  Keeping the colors aligned to the Ancestor color.

Then when Mary or Jerry calls you can look on the chart and see to which one of your down line children this great grandchild will belong to.

Ironic is not one of our children or grandchildren, named a child after their parents, yet.

But if you have large families and are struggling this should help you.

Having received many requests for a Descendants Chart, I realized the Family Group sheet is the answer.

Bethel spent some time explaining a GedMatch Program for our DNA linking.  We all were listening with intensity.

Shirley spent time explaining some wrinkles in her Computer workshop asking for suggestions.

And we then discussed the inadequacies of todays Genealogical Programs we are using.

Blended families, multi marriages, adopted children, all inter mixed that the system doesn't cover.

It was a very informative interesting evening and the time passed way to quick for the discussion was still going on when we had to close up and head for home.

Young ladies you are welcome to set in any time we are there and learn  more.  We appreciated your
questions and comments.

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