Monday, July 4, 2016

Some Southern CA Activities In July, It is Travel Time.

And Yes I am sharing this with everyone if SCGS wants to resend to members. Blessings to All this 4th of July.

Southern California Genealogical Society
sent out this list of July Events.[CA-SCGS] News from the Southern California Genealogical Society
 I have added to it the events, what is happening. It just might have what you are looking for and where you may want to do a local type travel to instead of catching a plane or train.

02     Orange County Genealogical Society meeting - Delbert Ritchart presenting
This one we missed 

09     Society of Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research - Letty Rodella presenting
July 9, 2016 SHHAR's presentation:
Letty Rodella “Spanish Patriots during the American Revolution and the DAR and SAR Connection" 

09     San Diego Genealogical Society meeting - Randy Seaver presenting
Ice Cream Social      1) Using FamilySearch Digital Microfilm to Find Genealogical Records.
2) Social Media and Networking for Genealogists

"Genealogy in the Round: Successes, Failures, Artifacts and Brick Walls", JGSCV members and guests

10     San Diego Jewish Genealogical Society meeting  WORKSHOP
Kitty Munson Cooper is a well-known blogger on genetics and genealogy. Her blog – - 

11     Corona Genealogical Society meeting Round Table Discussion Lead by various Leaders.
Love the topics.

13     Chula Vista Genealogical Society Research Group - Randy Seaver presenting
Sharing Research resources and each attendees queries. 12 to 2.

 Ice Cream Social.

16     Ventura County Genealogical Society mini seminar - Jean Wilcox Hibben presenting
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm   Mini Seminar and free. Click the link for more data
Camarillo Public Library, 4101 E. Las Posas Rd, Camarillo, CA

16     South Orange County Genealogical Society meeting - Hal Horrocks presenting
“Road Trip!” Presented by Hal Horrocks

17     Questing Heirs Genealogical Society meeting - Penny Nugent and Nancy Huebotter presenting 
1:15pmIntermediate ClassPenny NugentGrandfather's Story: Was It True or False?
2:45pmFeatured SpeakerFrancie KennedyUsing County Histories and Mugbooks

19     Conejo Valley Genealogical Society meeting - Barbara Randall presenting

19     Los Angeles Westside Genealogical Society meeting  No Meeting

20     South Bay Cities Genealogical Society meeting - Linda Serna presenting
Linda will be speaking to the Society about: "Road Block: Where do I go from here?
22     Genealogical Society of Morongo Basin Computer Users in Genealogy Group meeting

23     Nikkei Genealogical Society meeting at Japanese American National Museum
click on link

24     British Isles Family History Society - USA meeting - Hall Horrocks presenting
Topic: British Parish Records
Parish records can assist in learning more about your British ancestors.

27     Chula Vista Genealogical Society Annual Picnic $5 for sharing of BBQ items
The theme will be  “Digging the Dirt-Our Family Stories”  and will include a large display board where you can place pictures, maps or stories of an ancestor to show their place in time and specifics of the Dirt. A display table will also be available for you to show family artifacts. Attendees may present their material with explanations and stories. 

30     Genealogical Society of North Orange County - Seminar featuring Cyndi Ingle 
Self explanatory.  Cyndi's List.

31.   Welcome to Hemet San Jacinto Genealogical Society

.    300 E Latham, Hemet, CA Downstairs 
       Wow  Thomas MacEntee 9 July  and  Peter Drinkwater   8:30 to 12 pm 
       more    Kory Meyerink 23 July  and  Tammy Happs same time
       Worth watching their posts, have attended a great event here in the past.

32.   Riverside and San Bernardino County Genealogical Societies many groups listed.
I thought groups missing.  Yes, I do not see Riverside Genealogical Society and 
another one Sis belongs to. Yes I see  11 more some our speakers come from.

Click on link and see who else is within 2 hour driving distance and has great events.

 I think it great that they posted what they did I give them full credit but suspect we need to expand the list a bit. Also let genealogists know what is going on in their near back yard instead of Tuscon, St. Louis, or beyond.

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