Sunday, July 17, 2016

Chula Vista, San Diego, National City, Lemon Grove, Imperial Beach area etc, Genealogists Heads Up

We are having Shirley Becker do a presentation on the great state of New York at the Lemon Grove Library this coming Wednesday evening.  She has much data as a native of the state and many years of research.  She has spoken on the topic before and we asked her for more.  She is a Past President of our Society and retired Newspaper Editor before Randy took it. The time is 6 to almost 8 pm. Lemon Grove Library.

We are also putting together a Genealogy 101 class as a refresher course and a new researchers course.  Thursday 1 to 3 pm Bonita-Sunnyside Library, Bonita, CA.

You may say you do not need such a course, but do you still have brick walls that just do not tumble down? Remembering we are people of Rote, yes we repeat our motions constantly.  So are you not realizing you may be repeating a minor error to lead you down the wrong lane?

Do not sell your self short when this course may be the beginnings of new and better findings in your research.

At least come and give it a try, you may find  a minor change makes a major difference.

If you are thinking of doing research on your family or your family's history you may find this the best thing since sliced bread for getting good knowledge on how to start and keep track of  your records and data and information that will be shared and collected.

When we keep it together and in order it is easier to follow and minor details do not slip through the cracks quite as quick.

You do not need a computer to attend the classes. Just a few pencils and erasers and paper and 3 ring binder type of stuff to start.

Why all the way back to that you  say.  Because when you write it you remember it better. It helps your brain to pick up on tips you otherwise may miss. That is not the only reason.

Give it some serious thought and come learn lots of ideas and how to implement them.

You may go to our web page and sign up for any of the up coming events.  We hope to see your faces there. If you are not sure how come anyway and we can help you learn how.

Susi Pentico. Educational Chairperson, CVGS
also member of SDGS, NGS, NEHGS,  and many others.

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