Thursday, March 17, 2016

Genealogy Night in Lemon Grove was a Hit

We had our Genealogy Night in Lemon Grove and were to discuss Libraries and what they have to offer.

We discussed them briefly and a long ago attendee had come back with more questions.
What a delight it was for us all to see this person.

Even better, after we talked about establishing a working relationship with each Library and what it may offer for a genealogist we shared data around the table.  When we got to our long ago
attendee, the need was great to find some cousins if at all possible. In hopes they may still be alive
for him to contact.

Many years back we helped him find records to clarify a government SNAFU.   It took us almost 3 years but we accomplished it.

 Everyone with a laptop plugged in data as it was recalled and we dug up tidbits here and tidbits there and when the night was done we had really helped him to know where to look for the families.  With no computer at home any more he was at a loss as to what to do to proceed. He knew we helped before and we all pitched in and helped again.

One member was going to copy off data and send to them to have hard data to work with.  We tried to print it off at the library but did not have success. We shall work on that technical issue.

We told them the library also has Computer's that people can use for research when they could get to the library.   It was a great event because everyone chipped in and helped and we were able to come up with lots of information.  It is always so much more fun when you can share your rewards and have lots of ideas to learn how to find more data.

It reminded me of how it was when I was first working with people to learn information and how people shared and cared and the topic of money was never mentioned.  Not to say people did not offer to give one money for help. I think everyone learns more when we work together on a single type problem.

We had nine in attendance and the discussions were lively and interesting for ideas and we tried all the ideas and kept coming up with more information.

So if you want to really move forward plan to work with another or many and really share and see if more ideas do not get you to break down more walls.

Thanks everyone.  Always exciting when you can help someone find what they are hunting for.

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