Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bonita- Sunnyside Library, Bonita, CA 1:30 to 4: GEDCOM Process for Genealogists.

We had a meeting last month and covered about 1/2 of the program to assist members and guests how to use a GedCom when transferring files.

Shirley Becker and Gary Brock will continue this Saturday and cover the programs not done at the previous meeting.  There was talk of more about Reunion, My Heritage, RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker and other programs used by attendees.

A GedCom is a file process that helps a person transfer data from one program to another.
Let's say you have a tree on Ancestry and you want to transfer it into data, this information will help you do that.

You can transfer all or part of a program. It is your choice.  With FTMaker being stopped, then bought by someone else many are moving to Roots Magic.  Not an illogical thing to do.
Legacy also is another program that is used.  PC users have more choices of programs but MAC users have MyHeritage, Reunion, FTM for Mac, Roots Magic to choose to use.

All these programs have plusses and minuses.  Some are Cloud based (stored off your computer) others are stored on your computer.

I have a program on computer and a cloud based program.  I have a MAC. I use Reunion and a distant cousin created this program in 1995, I believe when he came to the SAN DIEGO CONFERENCE and presented it.  Prior to that I had PAF.  But they did not keep up with MAC's.
Later I won a subscription to  Working with that program has been at times easier than Reunion. My favorite two programs to use are and RootsMagic.

Having Ancestry and all their changes  drives me wild.  At least when MyHeritage makes changes they can help you resolve issues to make it work right.  My Ancestry tree is a nightmare any more. NO not everything on that tree is factual. I accepted some data that was factual but then they gave  me more than what I wanted.  And some of it is definitely not okay.

I have had Reunion since 1995 and I still do not understand how to get pictures into the system. Sorry I keep trying and it doesn't work always for me.  As a Genealogist I am basically proficient but as a Computer Tech  I am not.

Hoping you will come and learn how to master doing a GedCom to transfer files between programs or between cousins to share.  

This is a free class, open to all whom attend.

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