Friday, October 16, 2015

Family Recipe Friday, Altered.

Family Recipe Friday, Altered

 My Mother made awesome Chili.  Most of us in the family love to eat this dish.

 Husband can no longer have much tomato, so I have worked on some variants that maybe

 will taste good.

 Today I think I have accomplished it. He ate two bowls and really liked it.

 Here is what I did.

 1/4 of Green pepper, chopped
  1/3 of red pepper, chopped
  1/3 of large yellow onion, chopped
  2 large stalks of celery, chopped
  simmered in olive oil and then added 1/4 c water to finish semi softening.

  added diced 6 oz of cooked steak, 3/4 cup
  added diced 8 oz of cooked veal, 1 cup

  when the vegtables were softened a bit I added a
  1/2  tsp. chopped garlic from jar
  1/3 cup of water so items not stick

   letting it simmer,

    then I tried these new beans husband bought

   Bush's canned Chili Beans ( great northern beans)
   it has mild chili flavor. I wanted to use Black Beans but daughter won't eat them.
   After adding the beans I added about 2/3C of water so it would be semi soupy but not runny.
   I let it simmer until flavor mixed about an hour.

   Took about 1/2 hour to prepare with the cutting, chopping, browning and melding all together.
    Let it simmer low for another half hour and it was ready.

    Amazed at how good it tasted for a  tomato less chili.
     I love a good  hot spicy chili with tomato but have learned to adjust since tomato is taboo for        

    I would add more Chili powder for stronger flavor but he was very happy. I used to use Jalapeno's
    at least one chopped into the fresh ingredients.seedless.


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