Thursday, September 4, 2014

6 Sept Beginners Workshop 12 - 3 pm Bonita-Sunnyside Library

Saturday 6 September from 12 to 3 pm we are presenting a Refresher and a Beginners Packet for
genealogy, historian researchers.

 We will cover the five basic charts, we chose to use long ago and we will be adding some new charts to the mix.

 We are hoping this will help the new members whom are just learning and the older members and guests that have never seen the Beginners Packet we put together years ago.  We are sad it was dropped and no idea when it was dropped.

There are newer charts found that also increase our abilities when on a computer that Randy Seaver has created that we use you may like to see also.

We will be talking about how to fill out the charts, (always in pencil) until the final draft.
We will be talking about cluster research and maps and various things that will help you when you are working with family histories.

The Beginners Packet will be provided by CVGS.

Save the Date of 4 October for the Major Workshop of fun and learning.  This year it is free.

4375 Bonita Road, CA 91902

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