Friday, August 1, 2014

Research Trip Planning to be presented by Susi Pentico

WResearch Trip Planning

Many  have waited to near fall, to travel, to learn and to find more information.

Suddenly realizing all my great adventures have been in the fall. Less snakes, less
brush, (
generally been partially cleared in summer by Scouts or others), and marvelous time of year to travel.

Also love to see the changing of the seasons and the smell in the air.

I will be giving a power point presentation on how to make the adventure a positive, one with results.

Results can mean many things but you will get results.

You may learn where not to look, where to look, share a family story, swap family pictures, wander an
never before seen grave for ancestral kin. It is such a great adventure one of our best.

Will be sharing what needs to happen prior to the trip for this to be a success. What you should expect to do to help others while looking. Remember to always say Thank You and Smile.

You will be learning the history of the region of your ancestor, it better explains why they did some of the things you found.

You may be sharing new family and photos and many other things.  But first you must do your homework.

Please join us at the Bonita Sunnyside Library, 4375 Bonita Rd. next to the Chula Vista Golf Course and Sheriff's Station. 12 to 3 P M.

Wanting your trips to be as rewarding as mine have been by following these steps. A hand out with key tips will be presented for you to follow.

This is free, no cost, just a bit of your time.

Who is  she?

 We know whom she is. Thanks Cousin.

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