Friday, August 8, 2014

New Book on the Synagogues of Central and Western Pennsylvania

For my Jewish friends looking in some of the areas I knew you had asked about. Julian H. Preisler author has approved my post of this for all to learn about.

New book on the synagogues of Central & Western Pennsylvania

History Researcher, Author & Genealogist
I'm pleased to let you know that my book, “The Synagogues of Central & Western Pennsylvania: A Visual Journey”, has been published by Fonthill Media. The book contains 198 b&w photos, 32 color images and lots of historical information. Current, former and some demolished synagogues are included. Signed copies are $19.99 plus $3.50 s/h. Interested person can contact me at for details. The book is only available for purchase directly from me right now, but it should be available more widely in the next month or so when it is “officially” released to the public by the publisher, Fonthill Media. The book looks terrific, has a beautiful color cover and color section and is filled with important images and information. I enjoyed working on the book and hope that readers will enjoy the book and find it useful, engaging and a pleasant read.

Site hasmany great catagory's for genealogists.  This came from: Pennsylvania Genealogy and History Research.

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