Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lemon Grove Library, EVERNOTE for Genealogists to use. by Shirley Becker

EVERNOTE  May 21, 2014       6 to 8 pm

presented by Shirley Becker

Free to all who wish to attend. Evernote works for most people who have many files to keep track of.

Genealogists really like to use it.

So we are hoping to help more learn the use of it in our files.

Yes, there are other programs that you can use.

It is a free program then it can be come a paid program but worth it program for many.

Meeting  6 pm at the Lemon Grove Library, 3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, CA.

You may need to park in the lot in back of library.

We are looking for a new meeting home but have not made any decisions yet.
Until that is done we will stay at the Lemon Grove Library.  We do meet now only
the 3rd Wed evening of every month.  

It is free come join and learn.

We will do Roundtable and introduce any new people and then Shirley will give her presentation.

If you have questions I can be reached by responding here or leave comments at the library.

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