Monday, May 12, 2014

Hot off the Presses. You should check this out. NGS CONFERENCE DATA

First I will say Judy Russell sent us information via her blog:The Legal Genealogist: Conferencing continues

Then within the blog she shared with us how we can actually enjoy some of the conference that we could not get to attend.

Please read Judy's blog first then go to the second link to get the information on listening to the live feed of these topics.

I was sad to see John Colletta was not part of the group but that is okay.
Five of the live stream speakers I am familiar with.  3 I have associated with for years.

Please check this all out.

(And even if you didn’t sign up before… even if you missed it all… you can still see those presentations in what’s now called NGS On Demand.)

from Judy's  post.

We also will meet Wednesday at the library in Lemon Grove.  We will talk about Evernote, 

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