Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tidbits Shared from Scottish Research presented by Christine Woodcock and Susi P.

Tidbits of Scottish Research

Much data here in was shared by Christine for me to share with the Lemon Grove Library Group.
Learning we could do Scottish Research for weeks on end and probably only touch the tip of the iceberg.

I have two books I use but after having met Christine Woodcock and Dianne Bergstedt. I do a lot of referring to their web sites.

Christine shared a very important piece of information for beginner researchers.  We are hoping it will help on of our members who is looking for her Margaret ARMSTRONG's parents. She has a marriage date of 1787 in Yorktown, West Chester, New York.  After several years of research and trip to SLC she is still with out an Armstrong parent.  The man she married was named Nehamiah TOMPKINS.  We surmise she was born about 1760.  

Here is the important information: Presented by Christine Woodcock.

Here's how the Scottish Naming Pattern works:

1.  First Born Son  -  named for the gaternal grandfather
2.  Second Born Son  -  named for the maternal grandfather
3.  Third Son named for the Father  -  unless he shares a name with one of the grandfathers.
4.  Fourth and subsequent sons were often named after father and mother's brothers

1.   First Born Daughter  -  named for the maternal grandmother
2.   Second Born Daughter  -  named for the paternal grandmother
3.   Third Born Daughter  _  named for the mother  -  unless she shares a name of of one of the grandmothers
4.    Subsequent daughters were generally named for mother or fathers sisters.

her Blog page and the list of Coldingham Prisoner Index

More information to come she shared.  Permission to post has been given. Her work is copywrited.
C. Woodcock  2011.  

One of my reference books to use is:  The Irish-Scots and The "Scotch-Irish"  by John C. Linehan 
A Heritage Classic.

If anyone has data on MARGARET ARMSTRONG,  married to Nehamiah Tompkins please contact
me.  Thank you.

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