Saturday, August 10, 2013

Surname DUNLAP, Sorting Saturday

Today was another interesting day sorting through first and last names of a members family.

As we all know, they named their children after their Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers and Cousins.

So we go looking for who is really linked to whom.

A member has a Robert Dunlap who marries an Elizabeth unknown and has:
1. Margaret Jane  1813 -1896 b PA
2. Rosanna Taylor 1816  "
3. Thomas   1819- 1894  "
4.  Elizabeth 1826- 1905  "  Her descendant.

Robert's mother was Margaret Dunlap.  d  1824 ?      b Ireland
Children known were:
John 1762-1843
William 1763- 1825 married no children.
Thomas  ?  - 1816 married, children: John, Susan and Jennie
Mary  1768- 1850
Robert sometime after 1770 and before 1780 b died  Nov 1841  born Ireland

Were there three more children?

Who was the Thomas that married Jemima and had Archibald,  Jeramiah and others?
Who is the Robert married to a Bell, a Henderson or a Schultz?

Since a Schultz witness, Robert's will was this wife a SCHULTZ?

Suspect Robert born about 1775 and may have had a previous wife before Elizabeth. If so were there children, possibly or not?

We found several Robert's, Thomas's and William and John's.

Does this family relate to the Printer of Philadelphia?  William who gave up printing to his kin and became a minister?

If anyone has data please contact me.

Was John, Thomas or William or Robert, the name of Robert's father or James?

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