Friday, April 5, 2013

Wednesday's Fun

Wednesday's Fun, was enjoyed by the attendees.  Welcome to the new guest.  We hope you  learned a lot,  We also hope to see you again.

Query Presentation was part of the evenings event.  Remember it is a: who, where, why, when  and how event.

If we can ask those questions it should give us a chance to receive appositive reply.  Maybe not the answer but at least a lead for the answer.

I love a blog for this reason.  You can make the post large enough people can know where you've
looked and need information from, what the time frame was, who the people are in relationship
to other members, and how it affects your research,

Remember that sharing is a big plus for people to share back.

This does not mean "give away the kitchen sink," but you can find a middle ground.

Make sure you give good return information.  I prefer to use home address and email.
Learning that some people change addresses often for email or snail mail.

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