Friday, April 12, 2013

Genealogy and History, can create a Sleuth

Genealogy and History can create a Sleuth. Are you a sleuth?  Do you like hunting, Have you had success?

Read a great book about your Great Grandparents home region,  Find some real clues to your families past.  Did they grow grapes?  Did they live near the sea and fish or trade?

Reading books  about olden times, can reward you many times.  Learn of the way they lived, the way they shopped, grew there crops and shared or not.

Books, historical and historical fiction, can reward your mind to understand their times.

It is not what you read but how it opens your mind to the time and place.  It can help you to grasp life then.

We tend to be people of habit.  To look at a serious wall, we must  teach our mind to think in a different pattern.  We sabotage ourselves if we do not.

Expand your horizons to expand your research.

Sleuths learn the many ends and outs of their trade.  Yes, we are sleuths.  We have to at times, turn the rock over, shake it in hopes something breaks loose from the surface.

Examine it with the intensity of a surgeon, on a repair mission.

Pink Panther here we come.

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