Friday, January 25, 2013

Social Media on Google + for Genealogists

Yes, there is a big social media on Google+ for genealogists. Having been a member since the HangOuts started it has really opened doors for me.

HangOut you ask, is a room set aside for ten  people to interact on a personal basis talking about what ever topic you have set to discuss or an open topic.

As a member of the Original (Longest Hangout) I met people from all over the world. Yes, what a treat to greet and speak to others.  Yes, amazingly in English, a wee Spanish and American slang.

Was exciting to know how many countries have mastered our language quite well and yet we have done little to improve ours to more than one language.

Spoke to a nice person in Iceland and he introduced me to his wife and children.  Spoke to a man in Siberia and he shared an address of a potential family member.  He happened to live near seven families of that unusual surname.  Met a nice young photographer, designer lady from China. Great Scientist from Australia. A neat Genealogist from Australia. Math Instructor from Colorado, retired man from Miami, interesting lady from New York and other genealogists from New England, Utah, Washington, Tennessee, Kentucky and about any where you can think of.

Having met a photographer or two it was such fun. Also met Weather people not sure they were all meteorologists, some were scientists,

It was my position to bring up and discuss genealogy with the new people that came in and out of the Hangout Room.

Meeting people from England, Ireland, Holland, France, Italy, Bosnia, Germany (many from Germany), Poland, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Mexico, India, Philippines, Guam, Greenland, Novia Scotia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the list rolls on. We did this for almost 3 months, 24 hours a day with someone always in the room.

I am hoping we can grab a Hangout Room and do chats on a daily basis on Google+.  We can share information, look at each other eye to eye, we can type on the sidescreen, for those who have trouble hearing. We can share urls and really have lots of fun.

Having gathered about ten new distant family members I think we can make it a great place for genealogists to start to hang out and share information.

I have a Recipe Swapping friend in Peru and a language sharing friend in Mexico to improve my Spanish, that I had stopped speaking after leaving Montgomery Jr. High School in the 1970's as an Aide.

It works by putting people, in various circles and then you share information with those people.
In my photography group are many very famous Photographers. The same applies to Artists, and to other acquaintances I met along the way.

Let's pick Monday evening at 6 West Coast time and try for a HANGOUT?
Email me if you want to try. Room only holds 10 but we can do other hours and days as we grow.

First and third Wednesday of every month I am teaching at a Library so those evenings are not available but others could do this. Pick a topic, Pennsylvania, Deeds, Wills, Rhode Island, what ever
lets get this going. or

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