Sunday, January 20, 2013

More on Internet Usage Facebook Groups

More on Internet Usage  Facebook Groups

Have you been to Facebook, have you seen how many genealogical groups have joined here?

Hurray for I have and was able to learn more information on my JONES Genealogy. Yes, it is a way
to find information by asking others of like mind if they have news or clues.

There are many great genealogy groups on Facebook.  All of them seem to have helpful caring people wanting to share and care.

My latest join was this group.(5) Ohio Genealogy.

My other group before this:  (5) Ohio Genealogical Society
It represents group of same name.  Jana Sloan Broglin posted an update regarding it.
Now  you want to go here instead.(5) Ohio Genealogical Society

They also posted a  CALL FOR PAPERS for 2014.

New England Genealogy  another great place. It was with this group I received JONES assistance.
(5) New England Genealogy

Trying for Massachusetts?  (5) Massachusetts Society of Genealogists

It also has posts that tell you about Seminars and Conferences.
Here is one.

I belong to several counties in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia

Our local societies are here, I belong to both.
(5) Chula Vista Genealogical Society

(5) The Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego - CGSSD

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