Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Are Your Neighbors?

 Who Are Your Neighbors?

This is a duel statement. This applies to now and the past.  Let's first cover now.

 1. Who are your neighbors in genealogical research?
 2. Who in the society you belong to are you linked to?  Not a clue you say?
 3. Are you aware of others researching in the same area as you are? How many are you?
 4. Are you duplicating research instead of working as a team?
 5. Do you use Home Page ?

 Now let's cover the past.

 1.  You have a CENSUS with many names on it, we hope.
 2.  You may have a WILL with many names on it, At least four or five generally.
 3.  Apply the steps above to this time era.
 4.  Who was your ancestor's neighbor?
          a. What was his relationship with the neighbors?
          b.  Did they practice a religion/ faith?
          c.  What school did their children go  to?
          d.  Where did they buy their durable goods? ie cloth,  medical tonics?
          c.  Do you know the history of their local town?
          e.  Who were the  merchants there?
          f.   Read about the people of the town and region.
          g.  Who were the key townspeople of that time?
          h.  Did they have a mortuary? Or did they let the Doctor
               handle the burial detail?
          i.   Did they have a Doctor, lay medical person?
          j.   Did they have a grist Mill?
          h.  Live near a river or lake?
          i.  What was their terrain like?
                  1a. Flat, hilly, steep, rocky, little or no trees or many trees.
   Come to the class and learn why all these things are important in your research,  especially when we
   digging for missing clues and links.

   2 May Lemon Grove Library, 8073  Broadway, Lemon Grove, 91945   6 to 8 p m.

   It sets behind the Anna's Rest. in the back of the court area.

  All Rights Reserved  by Susi Pentico

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