Thursday, April 5, 2012

Upcoming Talks and Dates Pennsylvania and New York

Last night the Library was very quiet. But my friend and I had a good chat about New York research and the hassles we find there.  New Yorker's just seem to have a terrible time, finding, and keeping records of their own peoples.  They are trying harder the last few years.  To help with this a talk is being given,

May 2, Who Are Your Neighbors by Susi Pentico, a method that will help you to find lost relatives, potential relatives on census, deeds and other documents.  

Here is the schedule for Information on Pennsylvania Research.

  April 18th Pennyslvania Counties,  Berks, Northampton, Bedford, Northumberland, Westmoreland.
This will start with an over view of Berks and move on to the later development of the other counties, all the way to western PA. by Susi Pentico

  May 16  Pennsylvania Counties, over view of Westmorland, Washington Co & Fayette Co. PA. by Susi Pentico.  

 This series on Pennsylvania County development will continue until we have completed them   all.  The development and overlapping of boundaries were very intense in the early years of this states formation. Remembering that Connecticut even claimed a portion of this state as their own. Maryland claimed a portion of this state also as their own. And not without mentioning that the western part of Pennsylvania was given by the Crown to Virginia very early on. 

At times one must go to Britain to find clues but much was retained in the Colonies for our researching pleasure. 

Remembering this was much Indian land in the beginning and some was not given up until much later in the time line of development.  The northwestern part of the state was the last to develop into counties. Some counties split and became two or parts of three counties.

Look forward to you attending and maybe finding the clues you want or the places you need to consult to further your information. Definitely a state worth visiting if you do your homework before you go, you should have a positive results time.


  1. I am researching in Bedford, Center, Blair and Huntingdon and would like to know where these lectures are given?

  2. I give these lectures at the Lemon Grove Library, 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945.

    I will be covering these counties as the state is developed.