Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursdays Adventure Black Out The Sky was Awesome

Thursday started like any other day. I went and pulled weeds while semi cool.
No we had not hit over 85 yet. It did not take it long to climb up the thermometer and
give us some heat. It was not near as bad as Tuesday which by 1 p m was 101 and by 2 p m was
102 degrees. We reached 98 on Thursday.

As I was off to get grandson from school suddenly the lights stopped working. It was about 3:28
or so. The farther west I went the more no lights were working.

It seems no one could remember it is a four way stop when this happens and intersections was
scary to creep through. I made it to the school and he (grandson) says Grandma we lost power
just as school was let out. Then his friends parents called and said they were tied up fighting
intersections to get to the school also. They did not understand why the lights were out.

Now believe me I did not know either. When we got home we learned power was out in south bay.
Later we learned power was out in most of the region, later learning no power in the county.
Then no Power in Orange County & no Power in a portion of Arizona.

We then moved out side and sat and watched the sky darken talking to our neighbors.
We used to do this often with out a power outage.

We came in and found candles and smokeless candles with no flame and set them out about in the
house for safety purposes. Cold Cereal was on the menu with fresh fruit. Iced tea was the main
drink of course we shared with the neighbors.

We went to bed around 10:15 to 10:30. Woke at 1:20 to light blinking on the screen for TV.

Grandson ate his cereal in the patio with the moonlight, I told him, not every 15 year old can
say they ate cereal by moonlight. It will be something he can share with his children in the
future. As my Mother used to say, " Your making Memories."

So we did make memories. 8 September 2011

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