Monday, September 12, 2011

Education is Abound on Google+ Longest Hang Out

Education is Abound on Google+ Longest Hang Out

We have moved into many topics in this group. I always talk a bit about
genealogy and find a new starter almost daily, but we have moved in to
many great topics.

We have talked about music and the artists, the types of music, the times of
various music and shared songs.

We now moved into the science field with sea creatures.

We watched the start of Sea Monkey's last night. The night before a discussion was
held as to the better sea creature, Sea Monkeys or Triops.

We live streamed it for the world to see.

We also talked about Cow Ants. A bit of nasty
critters IE FIRE ANTS. Many of us had knowledge first hand of these critters.

To see some information: triops cow ants

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