Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Generation Charts- our Picnic was today -Sunday is Surnames

Great Day of 5 Generation Charts

Today we had a great turn out for 5 Generation Chart and Surname exchange day.

There was almost some one from every where on the wheel. I can think of only two places the
wheel hit that no one had kin that was there. But I know we have people whom have kin in
those regions also. :>)

Sunday, Gary Brock will be expounding on the surnames that were presented and telling where
they are from and what they mean as best as he can. Chula Vista Library 4th and F St. 12 to
3 P M.

It seems it was very hard for most to have a fully completed 5 Generation Chart. Many others
besides myself had 4 generations complete. I did not use the 5 Generation completed chart to
share today. Yes many of the female lines are very hard to track with accuracy.

It seems sad that we can not go back 5 full generations with completed data. I wonder how
much our grandparents knew that we did not learn that would solve this. Since we are talking
of their Grandparents.

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