Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Generation Charts and our Picnic is tomorrow

5 Generation Charts and Annual Picnic

The picnic is tomorrow at the Elks Lodge in Chula Vista off Telegraph Canyon Rd.

Make sure you bring your 5 Generation Charts can be up to 7 generations so you may be using
two of them.

Many of us are doing a 4 Generation Chart twice easier to see and we will have
the 7 generations we are allowed to use.

If you have received new information make sure you have entered it onto the charts and
sited the source.

Remember this is bring a sack lunch and share in the games and fun. Also there will be
a White Elephant raffle. Not sure if we are doing a book sale.

Starts by 11 and ends around 2:00. Join Gary in the Wheel of Fortune for your family
surnames and find either new people to share research with or new kin or better yet both.

This will also show how much you learned at the 5 Generation Chart and Forms classes
Ruth did to help everyone.

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