Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lemon Grove 7 July

Greetings everyone, I was glad to see the faces that came to the meeting tonight but we sure missed those who did not come.
We hope others are well and making headway in their research.

Carol was able to share her Great Birthday Adventure with us about the HIldreth family. We were glad she had such a terrific event and found such a pleasant cousin of distance to chat about the Hildreth family. All of this, in our own back yard of Poway.

I shared the knowledge of Medical Genealogy with those in attendance. I also shared my genetic fingers and toes for the group to see. We talked about the need for this type of research and was I amazed to learn that Carol's Dr had taken her medical history to heart and she had help before trouble by her Doctor because of the family knowledge known. That is really what Medical Genealogy is about. The helping of saving some ones life, be it your own, a child or grandchild, cousin, niece or nephew.

What is cool is when you are not sure someone is related and you compare medical history it then may encourage you to do DNA testing to see if links because of the potential for inherited tendency's for medical situations.

More than one way to find a potential link when doing genealogy even if it is unconventional.

Come listen to full presentation Saturday at the Bonita Library, 4375 Bonita, Ca 1 to 3 p m.

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