Monday, July 19, 2010

Jayne & Dae's Weekly Genealogy Chats Reminder

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Jayne & Dae's Weekly Genealogy Chats Reminder

For a real genealogical journey! 18 July 2010
Mondae, 19-July-10, GENTREK presents "Creating Medical Summaries." As the family historian, you're already compiling health history information that can be vital to family members present and future. What could be a more valuable contribution than sharing those details to help improve or possibly even save the lives of your relatives? Here are twelve tips for ways to do just that by working with your living relatives. Join us at 9:00 pm EDT in the AOL Genealogy Chatroom.
Mondae, 19-July-10, GENTREK presents "Why American Families Migrated, part 3." This week we move from the religious and economic to the sociological causes for migration and their ramifications. Come join us at 10:00 pm EDT in the Genealogy Wise Chatroom.
Thursdae, 22-July-10, GENTREK will present "Parish Records — Genealogy Gold." Because of legal complications we cannot do adoption research for you. All we can do is offer information that might be of some help to you and guide you in the proven directions you need to go. We'll begin at 10pm in the chatroom of Looking4Kin. Note: you must join to visit the chatroom, but membership is free.
Saturdae, 24-July-10, GENTREK goes on spring/summer hiatus. We will return in September, 2010.
U.S. Civil War Chats
Thursdae, 22-July-10 -- The American Civil War History chat. Come see what we have for you tonight. Join us at 11 PM EDT in the AOL chatroom, Ancestral Digs.
Fridae, 23-July-10, the American Civil War History will present "Civil War Prison Camps -- Camp Lawton." While the Civil War etched the names Gettysburg, Antietam, and Vicksburg into the historical consciousness of the United States, a more subversive skirmish went by almost unnoticed. Join us, won't you, at 10 PM EDT in the AOL chatroom, Ancestral Digs?
Spring/Summer Hiatus!
GENTREK goes on spring/summer hiatusfor Saturdae Sessions only. We will return in September, 2010.
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Tips from our chatters
Yes! I have learned a lot from case studies. I am also learning a lot from attempting to produce case studies as well. ~~Allen McClain at America Online
There is another cluster I have found. It is people who are part Native Americans. They went to the frontier early because they were not accepted in White society. ~~ Rosemary Taylor at GenealogyWise
I left a message posted on a Genealogy board and after 9 years got a response from a first cousin I didn't know I had. ~~ alpobc at Looking4Kin
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