Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pentico Penticuff Pennycuff Benninghoff Benninghove

here lies some of the data on the Pentico clan.

It has sort of been scattered about.

Husbands line is as follows. himself, his DAD- ARTHUR, Franklin Andrew Grandfather, Emmanuel E GGrandfather a twin, Phillip 1828 -1917 to John born abt 1800 PA and died 1857 IA.

So looking in the Pennycuff line and Benninghoff line for twin lineages as a clue.
I carried twins and lost one so it does perpetuate down.
Sometimes I forget that maybe our medical back ground will find ancestors faster than the paper trail will.

Have you started your Medical Genealogical chart yet for your children?

If not make it a goal for the first part of the year.

You may save a grandchilds life.

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