Monday, September 17, 2018

Something Learned Yet Forgotten

Something  Learned Yet Forgotten  

  Amazing how much our brain can retain and yet forget.  Then bring back at the weirdest of times, for us to remember or to use.

  Yes, we all learn and then it is filed away for a rainy day and yet many times the rainy day does not come.  Yet someone will say something and suddenly you remember something you wish you had kept in closer filing system.

 This last week having being reminded of that, thought I would share that thought.

  You have been told to check records, all records, yes all records, what you have been told may not be the answer to the quiz.

  Records can be DAR or SAR Applications and Acceptances. Deeds to various people in the neighborhood, Wills, Probate Records,  Applications to other genealogical groups that require lineage.

 Recently learned that their are more organizations than we are aware of.  At least I wasn't aware of some of them.  Yes,  I knew of the Mayflower group, I did not know of the Rhode Island group and other early states groups for preserving their past.

 When at NGS in Michigan I talked to the people in charge of the groups: DAR, SAR, and a couple more. Learning that local units do not always have the same data as headquarters.  The example was my/our Alexander Duvall 11.  Friend here tried to help and could not find data.  When I presented this data at the hall in Grand Rapids the lady looked up smiling and said,"See he is right here and yes he is DAR available if you have documents".  She was so nice and smiling and the others looked over and said, O YES, You are a DAR TO BE. They even gave me some more papers to read etc.  Finally after 20 years of asking on the west coast, the east coast accepts my ancestor.

When in doubt do not blame the local members they are not always given all data. Write to the headquarters if you think you should be long to any organization.  

 Well I was busy when I arrived home and only recently did a follow up on another surname that had no ancestors.  Well the SAR Applications found my missing ancestor.  Now to try on other missing ancestors.

 This could be fun learning more names because of the applications names attached also.

 Best of  Luck in your hunt.

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