Sunday, September 3, 2017

Url's Reviewed. Previously Shared.

Saturday's Workshop was a review of the Url's shared by fellow genealogist Tina Sansone.
Again, Thanks Tina Sansone for sharing.

Shirley called, not able to come and said she was making head way on one line from url not previously known.

Those in attendance chose the various urls they wanted to see. (Some had not been at the June Meeting).  So glad because we all looked into some from Great Britain and found a gold mine of data none of us were aware of.

The various sites we looked at all brought up interesting conversations for researching our families.

We did not cover as many as I thought we might but we had a great discussion regarding the url's we did peak into.

Major time was spent on this site:      

We scrolled down and covered some topics the attendees wanted, which we all found interesting.

MOOSE ROOTS      various interesting site.

We spent time talking about Delaware and New Jersey.  We spent time talking of how the earlier settlers shared building and helped each other build and create this country. Religions shared church structure to have services and some were held in peoples homes.

We spent some time talking about Slavery and the fact it was all over the USA of that time for the CW. Just not the south. Also that it was Black's that brought the first ships of slaves to the US because they were their tribes enemy and that removed the leaders from fighting them. The Dutch joined them in bringing them in.   Yes we had several url's we could look at but only opened one and the dialogue started.

We also spent time on the   site. That site covers 5800 data files for CT, RI, MA, NJ, NY, & MI  includidng over 400 will and probate files, 300 deeds and over 300 gravestones photos from Middlesex Co. CT.     Much of the conversation was on how Susi learned at the Michigan Archives that it was New Yorkers that settled Michigan and the role the Erie Canal played in it's development.

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