Sunday, August 6, 2017

DNA and Side Affects by Susi

 Having attended a DNA Webinar yesterday morning preparing for more knowledge to grasp the changes that are happening in our DNA formatting and grasping of knowledge.

Emily Aulicino: Using atDNA to Verify and Expand Genealogy.

It was a good event. My side comment is the area I need to understand is still flown past, so quick, about the time I think I understand what to check with what, they move on to another part of the topic.

Suspecting it is because the speaker or presenter knows the knowledge so much better, that they think we grasp it quickly too.

Emily Aulicino, do not despair. So glad having attended the event, making it more obvious that segment is still not clicking for comparison's.  Before changing things around I could actually do some matches.  Now I am totally lost and need answers, since I had 5 more family members tested. site is what I use basically.  It must be really nice for people to have each site do a test, most of us are struggling to have the funds to at least acquire one test.  : <(

This morning opening mail I see a great follow up on what the DNA can do for us in our research.
Just hop over to Judy Russell's site.......

The Legal Genealogist: The truth will out

It sums up the results you get quite well. Judy Russell I so enjoyed this blog post.

It truly gives you answers you may or may not be ready for.

Are you a member of a group that gives Free Webinar's ?  Then try some of them out.

Why can't those who learn strange events happened just be happy that they're  here and  move forward.  Nothing has changed except, what you know.

Sad, my Great Uncle, Gram's brother had their lineage traced in the early 1960's or before and when he got the book back, he learned, YUP we have some Indian Heritage.  What did he do after spending over $500 for the book? He burnt it in the fireplace.

Great Aunt had no idea if there were other copies or how we may acquire them.  I myself am stuck at the very spot the Indian had to present herself.

He later in life, looked at me and said,"You do not care you have Indian in you?"  I said, "No I am thrilled to learn part of me was here when part of me arrived."  "Indians have helped us in many ways most people never give credit to."

We hugged and no matter what I still loved him very much. But then he was sad he had destroyed the book but would not tell me who or when or how to resurrect the data.

He shared many things with me about family and helped with lots of more recent research until his death.

I said to my Great Uncle," you would not be who you are with out that Indian Grandma so why are you so against her, it's like being against your self."  That broke the ice for us to talk about our ancestor's.  

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