Saturday, March 1, 2014

Desecration at Riverside Cemetery

Did anyone see the news last night were heavy equipment went through the Military Cemetery in Riverside and mowed over the tombstones and did massive damage to this Cemetery?

It was on two channels in San Diego, CA.

I find this beyond comprehension.  Anyone smart enough to run heavy equipment has enough brains to know not to do this. This company needs to come in fix and repair and apologize with funds for all the damage done.

Having attempted to get current data via google it did not show up but we saw it on tv, large yellow heavy duty equipment running over the graves like they did not exist.

Here is link to the cemetery. It is really not real old like many.

 Riverside National Cemetery - Riverside, CA | Yelp

Articles about Riverside National Cemetery - Los Angeles Times

National Cemetery Service - Assistance for Veterans & Families‎

Riverside National Cemetery - National Cemetery Administration

Why is there nothing in the San Diego Newspaper or others?

This did happen we watched it on TV.

This is here because many of the genealogy people I work with are military and military retired.

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