Monday, February 17, 2014

Timelines, Do You Use Them?

  Timelines and do you use them?   Yes, we are  talking of  more than a birth to death time line.

There are timelines that should depict the history of the area the ancestor lived in to help acclimate yourself to their environment.  You can make it yourself. Yes, You CAN.

 There are timelines that show the movement of the family, again you  make them yourself.
 Break this data out of your files and make it independent so you can see what you may be missing.

  One of the neatest I saw years ago was in a set of Encyclopedia's at the Lemon Grove Library.
  They dealt with the weather and it's affect on the new settlers.  Alas, they gave them away when they      
  remodeled the old Library some years ago.

  It talked in one instance about a ship attempting to land at the port. A storm came up and shoved the   ship back  out to sea, not once but three times.  In the time of the non landing there were four deaths and they were sent over the side and never set foot on the new  land.  Most books never mention this.

 One year there was a horrid blizzard much like this winter, where they were fearing the farming, agriculture people would all freeze to death.  The irony of this was it was the people in NYC and other major cities that relied on: the milk man, the vegetable man, the meat man and their carts to come by and the storm was so bad no one could maneuver on the streets and hundreds died in the apartments because they were not prepared for the lack of street service.  No Firewood, no coal, no heat, they died of cold and hunger both young and old.  I have never forgotten reading that story to my attendees and sharing what the book had for pictures of the snow and the ice.

Rural people knew there was no one but themselves to take care of them so they prepared for the situation.  Those in the cities and large towns relied on others that could not assist them.

I love the Boy Scout Motto: "BE PREPARED".

Believing this motto is still true today, we must dig each kernel of knowledge with diligence and patience and breaking each thing down.  Separate the sentences in the Will or Probate Record or Deed.

This should be a fun hands on experience for all those whom attend.  Learning something new each time this project is done, it should really be fun.  Do the same for reports in Newspapers, church bulletin's, school papers and records.

Technically there is little that one can not make into a timeline.

Suggest you bring a document with you. If not I will find some for you. More fun to do your own and find new clues.

See you Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014, Lemon Grove Library 6 pm til 8 pm

3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

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