Monday, May 21, 2012

Traveling Soon, Ten Should Do's

Ten Should Do’s to have a great Trip.
 Susi Pentico

1.    Set up the Family Groups, you are going to work on, it
         can/should be more than one if in same area.

2.      Prepare the resource research papers that you will be using for information, not repeat it later.(better Sourcing) 1 at least per name

3.      Whether library or relatives home, let them you’re your arriving and about when. (day/morning/afternoon)

 4.      Notify library of the names you will be working,
          Also of the places in their region.

5.     Contact the Genealogical/Historical Societies before you arrive, the same courtesy, as you are the libraries.(Names, Dates you will be researching)

6.       Contact any kin you may have in this region, distant or close. Information from previously unknown distant kin is vital information (it does not have to be your direct line).

7.       Contact any other researcher that the Library or Societies say are researching your names.

8.      Be aware of what the Court House or Chamber of Commerce may have to offer when you arrive, before you go.

9.       Check on their newspapers, are they old established or rather new.

10.     Now your ready to pack your bags. 
           Place the mentioned above information in a binder.
Yes, you can use a laptop. Be aware that not all places allow laptops, cameras or cell phones in their building. 
Generally, Societies are not that strict unless they have had massive damage from previous researchers. The same applies to pen and pencils, bring lots of pencils.

Remember camera, mini cassette player for audio, extra chip for camera, and other favorites you use.

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