Monday, March 26, 2012

Reading the News-- What I learned

Reading the News

Here is what I learned reading the news on AOL.  My grandmother always said we were related to Queen Victoria and I have been slow to dig for a clue. Yet times I spend hours tracking the line back, not missing a link to figure where it may come true.

Today, I was reading about the renovations of the newly married British royalty.  It gives a more in depth alignment which I knew it happened but not sure whom was involved.  Now I need to learn about Sophia of Hanover, whose son became King George I.

I have known since small that the British are ruled by a Germanic family, they have been ruled by many different backgrounded families.  Grandma used to say," well they are Germans not English. "

Now we must remember that they are definitely an intermixed lot as everyone else is also.  Marriage to retain status and property and control was key not lineages back then.

So we have had a clue given us today that fits in what she used to always say.

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