Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is Coming It Is Just Around the Corner

Christmas is Coming  It Is Just Around the Corner

  The corner is closing in on us and the clock still goes tick tock.
  The weather has been delightful the traffic is sigh filled.
  The mall's are crammed and the manners are slammed.
   The clerks are polite and the people a mixed delight.

   The parking is beyond thinking.
   Why do you pull in like  C,
    Instead of straightening your wheels,

     In spite of the fuss and the clutter
     It is wished that you can flutter
     Into the New Year and not  mutter.

    That God so loved the world
    He gave his only Son.

     We send you Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.
      Tis not the religion but the belief, for it comes from within.



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