Sunday, June 19, 2011

52 Weeks of P G & H --- NEIGHBORS

Neighbors, are they the same as when you were young? Do we keep in touch the same way today?
Do we even know our neighbors like we did when Young?

When you live on a ranch or farm, (country life) much of your life depends on your neighbors and you make sure you know them and treat them well. You do not have police, medical or other help handy like when in the city (supposedly).

We knew our neighbors, we shared chores in times of need. We shared trial and tribulations and supported each other when I was a youth. I have attempted to always do that where I live. It makes a better living community. I have moved into areas that prior to our arrival were very aloof with each other. Once they met each other less crime, more fun and some even found they were related to each other.

Amazing the peace of mind when you know your neighbor has your back when things are not going well. Oh, things are not always perfect but it does help to have most of them on the same page.

Neighborhood Watch helps to foster this atmosphere also. Shame we had to have that to have some people become involved.

Block parties encourage this atmosphere also.

Fortunately for us many of our neighbors children now live in what was the grandparents home and so the community continues on.

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