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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Research Methods to Consider By Susi Pentico

Research Methods to Consider

Recently I re-applied some learned research methods that have opened doors for our family's research.

In hopes of breaking a few more Brick Walls, yes we do have a few.

This is for everyone to become more aware of.  Not just Beginners, everyone, because some times we get excited and forget.

It is not just a Census Record, Birth Certificate, Naturalization Papers, etc that is needed when
researching. Having always said you need to know a bit of History of the area you are going to be researching.

Example: Our Scott researchers learned, besides meeting and recording many families stories
when Mr.  Kenneth  R. Scott researched to THOMAS SCOTT,  he and they got to a brick wall.

Years later, a distant cousin reached me about his book.  After reading his book, I was made
aware there was more to the story.

Pittsylvania Co. Virginia was not an original county.  It had been split from Halifax Co. ,
Va..  THIS HAPPENED OFTEN in the development of our country.

Thomas Scott's Will was in Halifax Co. Va. plus other information.  Alas I have no sure answer as to his parentage.  Believe it when I say they never even moved, the boundaries changed.

Why did I look,  partially because I am a major History Buff, in the back of my mind I was thinking of what George K Schweitzer, Phd. ScD.  reiterated at all of his lectures I had attended.

Know the "History of the Region", your researching or going to research.

It can save hours of researching. My hope is that when a new area arises in your research, you
grab a book or website on that regions early history so you have a better grip  on what and where to look. It can help you to find their Naturalization Papers and many other items that seem  to
be very elusive.

Please click on the join the site link so you can get current information on a steady basis.

It was founded by those whom met in Lemon Grove Library for many years for assistance in your research.


Questions, comments contact me. SusiCP1@gmail.com

Next post will give another example of this situation.  

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