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Friday, November 13, 2020

New Sources I Found

New Sources As we are catching up with deaths in family, I found new sources to look at for information to locate. Some of it I have lived with daily almost. FRA the Fleet Reserve Association posts quarterlies and monthlies and is loaded with data for people looking for the retired, deceased or alive serviceperson. Now they are not the only group of military that produce bullitens and data. I know the FRA posts deceased names. Also runs stories of events and activities of the past as well as the upcoming events. As I comprehend this, each Branch does this so if you know of the group you may be able to garner more knowledge. Another Magazine is: "The American Legion (the magazine for a strong America)" Their last magazine had for a topic: Path of Life (the National Native American Veterans Memorials Meaning.} There were two other very interesting topics all about the service people of the past. This magazine has been out there since 1919. Does our Libraries carry them?? Of course, ours are not open. Other places they are open for access with proper behavi The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation puts out an super quarterly. Yes, one of my husbands units was recognized in it this time what a surprise to us all. I am sure that the Air Force and the Army must surely do the same. Also if you visit one of the museums they have quarterlies also. We have one for the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. I just can not lay hands on it at the momment. Husband toured the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio and was very impressed would love to go spend a couple days there at least. Another he was stationed next to and has gone back to visit is: Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Fl. I enjoy going to our own military affiliated Museum in Balboa Park. It is amazing the things that will trigger you to recall things in your families past.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

I Think I Am Back.

Well, months of frustration and some frutation I think I am back. We Lost Mary in September and her sister Shirley 12 days later. It has been a rough road. Hoping my new computer will be worth the funds and time relearning almost everything. This is a test because I have lots to share and lots of information for others.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Tracking One's Tax Records


                                                         Tracking One's Tax Records

            Have you tracked your Ancestor's Tax Records?  Do you know how many kinds there were?

            Various states had different rules and  tax obligations.   Many tax different things in
             their region verses others.

             Having little trouble finding School Taxes, Road Taxes, Land Taxes, you need to know
             their were other taxes that were levied on the citizens to improve the town or school.

             Having found my ancestors Tax Papers for selling vegetables in Maryland, and they
             followed him to Pennsylvania to get their last dollar per say.

             Just wanted to pass this tidbit on to you.



Wednesday, July 22, 2020

News from Dick EASTMAN about Ancestry.com

Ancestry Security Team Confident Family Tree Maker Vulnerability Has Not Impacted Ancestry’s Systems
by Dick Eastman


Sunday, July 19, 2020

How Many of Your Ancestors Have You Met?


ALSO ADDING A TWIST, having met much of my kin was a key thing for my Dad. He grew up with out
most of his and once found the family expanded and he said not to ever loose them.

We took road trips to find his father, Grandad Carl F JONES, we accomplished this when I was 12. He knew
his Dad since he was the oldest. He vaguely remembered some of his kin on his Dad's side. Since he lived with
his Mom he met many of the FOULK kin.

I knew my parents: Ray Dee Jones Sr b1913 Waterloo, IA m 1938 Wheatland Wyo. and died Santa Rosa, CA 1995.
Grandfather: Carl Fremont Jones b1887 Nashua IA m Albert Lea, Minn 1913, d 1962 Casper, WYO.
Grandmother: Victoria Mae Foulk (Ida) b 1897 Washburn, IA m Blue Mound,Minn 1913 d 1988 Cheyenne,Wyo
GGMom: Margaret Mae EASTMAN FOULK b1874 BlackHawk Co.IA m 1892 Blackhawk Co.IA d 1958 Washburn,IA
Mom: Dorothy Inez Hoffman b 1920 Little Bear, Wyo. m 1938 Wheatland Wyo, d 2011 Valley Ford,Sonoma Co. CA
GDad: Cecil Lee Hoffman b 1891 Moravia, IA m 1912 Appanoose,IA d 1962 Wheatland, Platte Co. Wyo
GMom: Inez Mae Scott b 1892 Taylor Twp. IA m 1912 Appanoose, IA d 1961 Wheatland, Platte Co. Wyo.

GUncle Daniel Scott wife Grace Hoffman = Cecil Lee's sister
G Aunt Ella (Fern) all her children
GUncle Harrison Scott all his children
GUncle James Scott no children

Dad's siblings:
Mom's Siblings:
All Wyo siblings of MOM and DAD, Grandparents on Hoffman and Scott side.

Heads Up on Changes

Thomas MacEntee sent me this:

Hello Susan C ,
One of my goals is to make sure you and all genealogists are informed of upcoming changes - especially when it is a HUGE one at AncestryDNA!

While there has been no formal announcement, several genetic genealogists with inside knowledge have helped to warn AncestryDNA customers:

AncestryDNA is recalibrating its algorithm to help remove false matches. However, this means that any current matches less than 8cm will NOT be displayed!

What should you do? Well check out these articles by knowledgeable DNA and genealogy experts on the procedure to preserve these matches:
Ancestry to Remove DNA Matches Soon – Preservation Strategies with Detailed Instructions by Roberta Estes of DNA eXplained.

Some updates to AncestryDNA's matching system and a database update by Debbie Kennett of Cruwys News

AncestryDNA Updates Coming: What To Do Next by Diahann Southard of Your DNA Guide

AncestryDNA Matching White Paper

REMEMBER! Knowledge is power. AncestryDNA will make an official announcement next week, but please don't put this off if you have matches you want to preserve. Cheers!

Thomas MacEntee

Thanks Thomas, put here for those whom said they had not heard. Full credit yours.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Summer Heat is Here, Recipes for Summer maybe passed down?

Summer Heat brings different cooking in many homes. Has your family passed down a recipe or two
for you utilize?

I remember we made many, many jello recipes, lots of salads, and when all else failed peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches.

We made home made Ice Cream often and no one grumbled about turning the crank, not if they wanted some of
the cool delicious peach Ice Cream or chocolate, or blackberry. Yes, we did eat Vanilla flavored also.

O yes, BBQ came about when I was a teen, so once in a long while we would do BBQ: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs,
Beef or Pork Ribs and rarely a steak. The other meats went much farther.

We could have pudding and cereal for supper if really warm. Mom invented a quick individual pie idea.
We all ate cornflakes, so we would make pudding and put the cornflakes in the bowl and pudding on top
with fresh whipped cream. The puddings were many in flavor: Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Coconut, Lemon,
Fresh Peaches, Fresh Pears, minus the pudding but with the whipped cream.

Loving the Blackberries and cornflakes and whip cream was awesome. Sometimes we used Ruskets if we had
them. Today I like to use Grapenuts and do the same thing. Just very hard to find good Blackberries. To
difficult for in town living to grow. I have tried. Blueberries grow well in large pots.

Our son had blackberries he brought from Mom's but then they moved. They had a large lot to grow a massive
garden and fruit trees. So did my Uncle when alive in Lemon Grove. He had an acre lot. Blackberries ramble
as you know and it is difficult to control their element.

Have you made the Beet, cherry jello salad with walnuts? It is on my list of doing. Great Aunt Edna
Foulk introduced us to that and serve with sour cream.

The Lime and Pineapple jello with either sour cream or whipped cream or salad dressing a dab on top.

Not being a fan of a lot of the jelled meat dishes but have eaten them. Have you?

Cold Chicken salad or turkey salad or ham salad is a life saver if you were prepared.
I like to take some of the packaged pasta salads and chop in the various meat and add yellow, red and
green peppers to it. Light on the green they are stronger and better for baking.

Do not forget we boiled eggs and potatoes and did many dishes using them also. Lots of Fresh fruit from
our trees also helped. An Apple a Day keeps the Dr away. We had 10 apple trees, regular and winter pears,
Blackberries, Raspberries, one plum tree.

So what do you remember of your summer meals?

Breakfast for us was normally: egg, toast, later cold cereal
came about but not often much to expensive. Biscuits and peanut butter and Jelly. It also doubled for our
lunch with a piece of fruit. Pancakes or Waffles on the weekends or when no school.