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Saturday, February 19, 2022

DNA- Response Feb 19,2022 Today a person (distant cousin) contacted me via my DNA tests I did. We had a great chat and share many names on Mom's Hoffman, Plants, Duvall, and other names. By backing off learning more DNA the last two years I am a bit rusty on determining or understanding how to call the matching. But we figured it out with surnames we both had. It is rather scary to learn that our families are not having children any more. When looking back at ancestors that had 15 children living and several deceased. Even more scary that the newspaper had an article about the lack of children born and the results of harm it is going to cause the USA. I am a sibling with three more and the break down is : I have 5 living children, siblings have 3 living 2 living and 2 living. So my Parents had 12 Grandchildren. We have 10 grandchildren and they only have 3. Many have not even married and yes they are over 30. If this falls true in most households I can forsee this message in the paper showing much potential truth. Thinking of doing more tracking on this topic just within my own family. No sibling has more than 3. Have to think more on it. Blessings all. Stay Safe.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

What , Oh What Is The Next Step.

The year is young and time is out there, so what do you do when you learn much of what you have attempted is not desired. A bit baffled and perplexed am I. Excited to find pictures Mary (sis in law ) thought she lost we have found. We have a picture of Phillip Pentico 1828-1917 and another of wife Mary Rolland Pentico 1833- 1913. Phillip is pictured with some siblings. Each bag or box we open is like, what are we going to find next. It has been quite an adventure. It is great to share it with others besides looking skyward and saying, "Mary, I have found some more misplaced files and photos." Planning to add data to the Pentico page like the Huffman/Hoffman page on Facebook. Many Pentico's are there. Their last name at one time was Benighoff so we have learned. It has gone through some interesting changes for a few years. It then became Penticoff, Penticuff, then Pentico and suspect Penticost also. Maybe in timne I will learn if true since find one often near a Penticof. Surnames used in this tree are partially listed here: Young, Saylor, Miller, Scharn. / m , Catherine Stull,Rolland, Cline, McQuillen, 4 names not known. Wiggins was Emmanuel E wife name. More surnames Casper, Brown, Thomas. Emmanuel was a twin. As pictures are found a slight smile appears on some ones face. Hurray. Prayers for all.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 Is Fading Away. Genealogy Is Here To Stay

2021 Is Fading Away. Genealogy Is Here To Stay We are so looking back and forward too. We lost family and friends and we gained family and friends. With the world all bouncing around with different directives. What is to come in our future, some societies have bit the dust, many have made major changes in their programs. Zoom is the answer for many to stay alive and even to expand. Zoom works in offices and businesses also. Suspect the JETSON Age is upon us and people are still longing for yesterday. Some major strides have taken place in DNA and Genealogy. Especially for those who did not have the joy of knowing their Great Grandparents or even Grandparents. Alas some who did not know their own parents. In days of the past, family generally took in the orphans and raised them so they still knew their kin. Somewhere between the Wars, Orphanages became a huge thing and children were left to fend with strangers. We humans are a hardy group and generally manage to survive. Those children were our (US) first indentured servants, or of slaves coming from the United Kingdom area or harbors they tied up at. Families that could not feed their own and were of men lost in wars fought. Ceasar had an quirck with that. He took captured personel and dispersed them amongst the areas whom men were lost in battle. There by changing many countries basic lineages. Not know how one can do genealogy with out knowing World History. History has solved many of my questions when doing research. DNA has come along and helped many to find their kin with much gratitude. We Jones have a situation happening like this. Those working the problem are closer to an answer than two years ago. DNA has really boosted the Genealogy Crowd. Amazingly we have done DNA on Animals for probably a few hundred years. Show Dogs, Horses, Cattle, Animals are kept and bred to bring out the best of their breeds. We humans are not so much into that today as to who was my Great Grandfather (??) was he German or Swiss or was he Italian, Ethiopian, Nigerian, or other countries of the world. As we settled this new Nation we came in groups from various areas. We are comfortable in our own skin, tongue and food area. Be it Dutch, French, German, Swiss, Italian, Greek, Russian, Egyptian, Samoan, Indian, Turkish, Arabian etc., they created their own communities. The nice thing was that over time they mnelded into each others life styles, foods and attitudes. So if you are born in the USA, most citizens are American's. Some by birth, some by changing countries allegance and citizenship. There is a system to do that if our government ever gets back to our laws. We are of multi nationalities of the past. WE must remember, we are American's First and our past is what we want to remember as a gift given by our Ancestors. Part 2 in a few days. Dad said, we were Heinz 57 and he was not far from right. No one is whom they think they are. As humans we have been here more years than thought.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021


IS THIS WORKING AGAIN----SUSI SAYS O Susi says lots of things. Whilte trying to get this back on line I have read some interesting materials. Two books about early America before it was America. When you are doing research, do you ever venture into Indian information and see if any of your data coincides with theirs? What about when the rails were laid for the trains to run? Train developing history in the USA has some very enlightening pieces of informnation for us to use. Again, "Have you studied the weather patterns of an area during the time period we are researching?" Sadly Lemon Grove Library had a set of Encyclopeida's on American Weather and when they remodeled they dissappeared and I have not found them on line any where. Wow did it ever answer many questions about some of my deceased ancestors and yours. One time as a ship tried to dock it was blown back out into the bay 3 times. Sadly many died in this incident. Did you know people survived better in the country than in the early cities? In the cities people relied on others for food, water and services, in the country they relied on themselves and their neigbhbors. As many places still do today. Example is recent Tornadoes and how the communties helped themselves and others. Reading where Apartment dwellings froze due to no heat, & Others starved due to no delivery of food. Having 12 people at this class and it was an eye opener for us all. Personnelly having experienced these types of needs and how small communities do not wait for help. Learned to be a Volunteer FireFighter at 17. Wishing our communities would teach the teenagers the many things that they could do to help in times of stress. First Aid for others actually helps them mature, to realize you do not need to be old to be someone special and needed. It is something I think our country has forgotten during this pandemic witch I fear will be with us a long time. Re adjusting how we live is what made this a great country. Hoping we can readjust again and smile at each other, nod a hello. Obey the traffic lights, it saves lives and might even be your own. Genealogy has taught many so much about life so enjoy it while you can.

Friday, November 13, 2020

New Sources I Found

New Sources As we are catching up with deaths in family, I found new sources to look at for information to locate. Some of it I have lived with daily almost. FRA the Fleet Reserve Association posts quarterlies and monthlies and is loaded with data for people looking for the retired, deceased or alive serviceperson. Now they are not the only group of military that produce bullitens and data. I know the FRA posts deceased names. Also runs stories of events and activities of the past as well as the upcoming events. As I comprehend this, each Branch does this so if you know of the group you may be able to garner more knowledge. Another Magazine is: "The American Legion (the magazine for a strong America)" Their last magazine had for a topic: Path of Life (the National Native American Veterans Memorials Meaning.} There were two other very interesting topics all about the service people of the past. This magazine has been out there since 1919. Does our Libraries carry them?? Of course, ours are not open. Other places they are open for access with proper behavi The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation puts out an super quarterly. Yes, one of my husbands units was recognized in it this time what a surprise to us all. I am sure that the Air Force and the Army must surely do the same. Also if you visit one of the museums they have quarterlies also. We have one for the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. I just can not lay hands on it at the momment. Husband toured the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio and was very impressed would love to go spend a couple days there at least. Another he was stationed next to and has gone back to visit is: Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Fl. I enjoy going to our own military affiliated Museum in Balboa Park. It is amazing the things that will trigger you to recall things in your families past.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

I Think I Am Back.

Well, months of frustration and some frutation I think I am back. We Lost Mary in September and her sister Shirley 12 days later. It has been a rough road. Hoping my new computer will be worth the funds and time relearning almost everything. This is a test because I have lots to share and lots of information for others.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Tracking One's Tax Records


                                                         Tracking One's Tax Records

            Have you tracked your Ancestor's Tax Records?  Do you know how many kinds there were?

            Various states had different rules and  tax obligations.   Many tax different things in
             their region verses others.

             Having little trouble finding School Taxes, Road Taxes, Land Taxes, you need to know
             their were other taxes that were levied on the citizens to improve the town or school.

             Having found my ancestors Tax Papers for selling vegetables in Maryland, and they
             followed him to Pennsylvania to get their last dollar per say.

             Just wanted to pass this tidbit on to you.